Palmerston North City & Manawatu



The Region is home to a skilled, stable and well-educated workforce, with a third of the workforce holding some form of tertiary qualification.

The workforce includes a large student population and many partners of Defence Force personnel, offering excellent staffing opportunities to organisations seeking casual or part-time workers.

In addition, Palmerston North City’s labour rates are lower than most major New Zealand cities, and much lower than major Australian cities.

Economic profile

The total population for Palmerston North City and the Manawatu District is currently 113,800 people, with Statistics New Zealand projecting strong population growth for Palmerston North City in the next fifteen years.

Within our Region there are a number of key industry sectors which employ a large percentage of the Palmerston North and Manawatu population.

Increasing urbanisation continues to be a major driver for growth in all our key sectors, but there are also a range of different growth drivers impacting on individual sectors.

Why it is brilliant for business

There are a range of benefits for doing business in Palmerston North City, Feilding and Manawatu which include:

– Easy access to Central and Lower North Island, including Wellington
– Shorter commute times
– A well-educated workforce
– Abundant labour pool including full and part-time workers
– Excellent telecommunications infrastructure
– Lower operational costs compared to other main centres, due to low absenteeism, staff turnover and average labour rates; the excellent location; and regional collaboration opportunities
– A family-friendly lifestyle and Region full of activities

Logistics Hub & Transport

The Manawatu Region is the central hub of the North Island, being within three hours drive of over one million people, with excellent rail and air transport.

Palmerston North Airport welcome 515,000 passengers annually, and also acts as a domestic freight hub due to its 24-hour operations schedule.

Land Development Opportunities

Palmerston North City and Feilding offer opportunities for a wide range of commercial and industrial development.

























Flight and driving times to Palmerston north


Key Parties

There are a number of agencies dedicated to nurturing and growing businesses in Palmerston North, Feilding and Manawatu.

CEDA is the first port of call for businesses needing that extra help to start up, expand or grow, offering assistance with training, business mentors, local networks and connecting with government funding agencies.

Phone: +64 6 350 1830


Spearhead Manawatu

Spearhead Manawatu is an innovative program responsible for attracting strategically important business and investment to the Palmerston North and Manawatu region. Spearhead was created by a partnership between Palmerston North City Council and Manawatu District Council. Spearhead works by developing teams throughout various organisations within the regions to ensure smooth opportunity progression.

Spearhead has the resources, capability and connections to:
· Facilitate the establishment of business within the Region

· Support smooth company and staff relocation and

· Enables and supports the expansion of existing local businesses

Phone: +64 21 356 499


Feilding and Districts Promotion
Feilding Promotion works to showcase and further develop the town of Feilding, and so is a key party to talk to for any businesses entering Feilding.
Phone: +64 6 323 3318


Manawatu Chamber of Commerce
The Manawatu Chamber of Commerce supports local businesses by improving business to business communication, coordination and representation. The Chamber is particularly of benefit to businesses wanting to grow further.

Phone: +64 6 213 9877


BCC | Building Clever Companies
BCC helps build clever companies. As New Zealand’s specialist business development organisation for start-ups in agriculture, agritech and agrifood, BCC also uses its expertise 
in tech transfer, start-ups and investment to help entrepreneurs and innovators in all industries take products to market.
Phone: +64 6 353 3100