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Tokomaru Steam Engine Museum

The Tokomaru Steam Engine Museum is a private collection of machinery belonging to Colin and Esma Stevenson and has New Zealand's largest collection of steam engines of all types and sizes.

Cost: $10 - $20


The Tokomaru Steam Engine Museum has a comprehensive collection of steam engines of all descriptions. The oldest engine in New Zealand 1869 and also one of the largest engines imported into New Zealand.

Steam Ups are held but mostly the museum is for static viewing. Guided tours available most days.

At times the workshop may also be viewed.

Every thing was used in New Zealand but we are very much an Englishman’s paradise.

Physical Address

744 Highway 57


Adults: $10 – $20

Other Important Info

9am – 3:30pm Mon. 10.30am-3.30pm Sunday
children must be accompanied by an adult
Distinction Award 1970

Facilities / Features


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