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The Raetihi Gutbuster

Apr 21 2019

Waimarino Museum, Raetihi, Tongariro

Cost: 18k Run: $20.0018k Bike: $20.0025k Bike: $47.0050k Bike: $35.00


Out and back fun rides on the Historic Raetihi – Pipiriki road in the Central Plateau, Ruapehu District. This road was sealed in 2010, and we celebrate annually by holding a sporting event on it. Kids, families, older people enjoy the beautiful scenery and challenging hills of the 18k version which has a turnaround point at the top of a steep 2km long hill.

There is also a run/walk option for the 18 km route. Not quite a half marathon, but the hills make it feel like one.

The bonus is a stunning view of the three mountains Ruapehu, Ngaruhoe, and Tongariro.

25k riders ride all the way down to Pipiriki and get a bus ride back. They still have to navigate the infamous Waipuna hill, and a few more ups and downs, but they can enjoy the scenery knowing the mostly uphill 25k back, can be enjoyed in style on a bus.

The 50k riders are the hardcore who ride all the way down to Pipiriki, and all the way back up. Fastest time is approx 1hr 45 minutes. Raetihi is at 525 metres above sea level, while Pipiriki is 89 metres. The road is sealed, but there are still challenges. One way bridges, one of which is wooden with bumpy planks. Narrow sharp corners, the odd goat.

The start and finish area outside the museum has a market day atmosphere with a great spot prize table and no speeches.

Physical Address

101 Seddon St, Raetihi, Tongariro

Contact us

Official Website: http://www.rideruapehu.comWaimarino Museum website: http://sites.google.com/site/22canberra/home


18k Run: $20.0018k Bike: $20.0025k Bike: $47.0050k Bike: $35.00

Other Important Info

All Ages
Category: Cycling
Sunday: 2:00pm–4:00pm

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