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The Karl Austin Experience

Apr 6 2019 - Apr 7 2019

Railway Reserve, Palmerston North


Playing all throughout the day on our beautiful Extravaganza Fair Stage – with guest appearances also from Ashton Family Circus, Miss Dylan Daisy’s Magic Show & guest musicians. Always free entry – yay!!!!

Perhaps you have heard of Karl through word of mouth? Or you may support local Taranaki Music, have followed The Extravaganza or attended one of many live music festivals or craft fair events and field days in Taranaki? No matter where you’ve seen our local pirate, you are sure to remember his unique and mischievous style and pizzaz.

Karl Austin is a comedic musician with a passionate talent.

The multi-instrumentalist plays and utilizes several different instruments during performances including Piano, Guitar, Fife, Trombone, Trumpet, and Tin Whistle.

There are recreated originally inspired arrangements of the greatest songs from the 50’s to the 2000’s and also Original music which will conjure images of zombie hordes, special muffins, personal love songs, poignant social issues, political messages and love of good toast in the listener.

Physical Address

Main Street, Palmerston North

Other Important Info

All Ages
Category: Singer-Songwriter

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