He rā kitua
Embracing Change
Te Aho Tāmaka Webinar Series

Our Te Aho Tāmaka Leaders are recognised for making a difference, both nationally and globally. Join us as we hear from these accomplished individuals through this inspirational webinar series; their reflections, thoughts and advice for making the most of these changing times.


Webinar One: Rising from the Ashes

Hear from global entrepreneur and Te Aho Tāmaka Leader Linda Jenkinson for inspiration in this time of recovery. Linda shares her journey including the challenges of losing 50% of her revenue in the aftermath of 9/11, surviving the dotcom bubble and the GFC – learn how her businesses survived and thrived and gain some creative ideas to support you through the COVID-19 crisis.

TAT Webinar Banner - Linda Jenkinson

Webinar Two: The role of Māori Culture and Knowledge in Organisational Change with Dr Farah Palmer

Hear from former captain of the Black Ferns and esteemed academic, Te Aho Tāmaka Leader Dr Farah Palmer as she reflects on the role of Māori culture and knowledge with regards to organisational change/survival and revival, and how to ‘care’ for people within organisations from a Māori perspective.

Farah Palmer Te Aho Tamaka

Webinar Three: Responsible Capitalism and Decision Making Post COVID-19 with Robin Stalker

Hear from former Group CFO of Adidas, Te Aho Tāmaka Leader Robin Stalker as he inspires business to consider the impacts of decisions, not just in financial terms, but to recognise their social and environmental responsibilities. An enlightening presentation in a time when companies have a chance to reflect on their practices, the state of the world, and take this opportunity to make change.

TAT Webinar Banner - Robin Stalker

Webinar Four: Where to next for Manawatū? with Hon. Steve Maharey

Hon. Steve Maharey joins CEDA Chief Executive Linda Stewart to discuss ‘Where to next for Manawatū?’ CEDA has been working closely with councils and stakeholders to produce a recovery plan for the region – what does this involve and what other factors need to be considered in the regions recovery?

TAT Webinar Banner - Hon. Steve Maharey

Webinar Five: Reflecting on what we’ve learnt with Simon Moutter

Former Spark CEO, Simon Moutter is one of New Zealand’s most successful change-makers, he led the reinvention of Telecom to Spark after spending several years leading Auckland International Airport and transforming the way it operated.

Join Simon as he reflects on the impact of COVID-19 as an opportunity to transform and grow by using what we have learnt from this crisis to inform the way we run our businesses and organisations.

TAT Webinar Banner - Simon Moutter

Webinar Six: Youth Future – Making the most of opportunities post-COVID

As a Commissioner for UNESCO and the only kiwi in the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Global Network, Vanisa Dhiru is dedicated to creating a better future for young and diverse people, at a national and global level. Join Vanisa in kōrero with IPU Alumni and Young Chamber Chair Juliana Chang as they discuss what the future could hold for youth and the opportunities that have come out of the COVID-19 crisis.

TAT Webinar Banner - Vanisa Dhiru

Webinar Seven: Lockdown, mental health and post COVID-19 wellbeing with Sir David Moxon

With a life-time role in pastoral care, experience in bi-cultural well-being and currently the Priory Dean for the Order of St John in New Zealand, join Sir David Moxon as he reflects on lockdown and the associated mental health issues many now face. How can you help and support those affected and who can you reach out to if you need support yourself.

TAT Webinar Banner - Sir David Moxon

For further information about Te Aho Tāmaka and this webinar series, please contact nina.mercer@ceda.nz