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Hear from international students, both past and present on their experience living and studying in Palmerston North city and Manawatu.

PHD student Dabashree Roy

Dabashree is a PHD student studying Food Science at Massey University

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“I enjoy living on Massey campus because it’s a safe and convenient place to focus on my studies. I live with several international students and it has been great for me to integrate myself with different cultures and make my student life even better”
Massey Student Christine

Vietnamese student Christine studied a Bachelor of Business at Massey University

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“For me, life in Palmerston North City is an adventure! I can learn, discover new things, meet new people and enjoy the friendly environment. I push myself every day to extend my comfort zone and to live in my own dream student life.”
Marie Moinet PhD student at Massey University

Marie Moinet is a French PhD student studying at Massey University

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“I wanted to get richer experiences in an English-speaking country. When I searched for places to study, I was impressed by New Zealand’s natural beauty. I could also find a research topic that completely suited my interests.”
Saba PhD student at Massey Uni

Pakistani student Saba Azeem is studying her PhD at Massey University

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“I enjoy the environment here; it’s close to nature and is so peaceful; yet I'm still able to connect with people. I love nature and socialising and everything is available here in Manawatu.”
Andy from IPU Palmerston North

IPU New Zealand student Andy gives his firsthand experience of student life

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“Palmerston North is a student-friendly city. It is entirely different to the crowded city I was familiar with back home in Vietnam; and I enjoy living here because of the compact size and easy living lifestyle".
Charlotte McMillan is a nursing student at UCOL

American student Charlotte is studying a Bachelor of Nursing at UCOL

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“And when I came to New Zealand, my life was entirely different. Palmerston North is not crowded, the people here are so friendly and welcoming. It is a peaceful environment. I enjoy everything about my Kiwi life here.”

Japanese student Konatsu has discovered a passion for food at IPU NZ

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“Thanks to the experience I have gained from studying and working in New Zealand, I have realised my great passion for food. I will start my career path in the food industry in my home country"
Kaisei Japanese Student in exchange in Palmerston North

Meet Kaisei a Japanese high school student on exchange in Palmerston North

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“I am now much more confident and independent than I used to be. I have learned how to do everything on my own rather than relying on my parents. I feel like I have a stronger mind. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown by becoming independent.”
Scientist Massey

Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Student Meeting Goals and Thriving

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When Leo arrived in New Zealand from Taiwan he set himself goals while he studied towards his Bachelor of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering with Honours at Massey University. Leo wanted to explore New Zealand’s beautiful natural environment, do well in his studies and make friends with people from all different…
Filippo is an Italian Student studying in Palmerston North

Meet Filippo an Italian teenager studying at Palmerston North Boys’ High School

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“I love nature and sports. New Zealand is a great combination of them. That is why I am here – to explore and discover my journey in a different part of the world”.
Richie Chen Palmerston North Boys High

Chinese student Richie Chen on living and studying in Palmerston North

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“Studying here is a great opportunity for me. The study programme is a combination of the theories and practicality. The teachers always have time for discussion at the end of each class”.