There are a wide range of industry sectors operating within Palmerston North city and Manawatū, and with it a variety of employment roles and opportunities.

Getting Work Ready

We know that finding work while you study or when you graduate is really important to a lot of our students. To help you prepare to find work, we have created some resources and tools that will help you be as employable as possible. These tools cover everything from making networks and connections, enhancing your personal online brand, tips on writing a great CV and cover letter, right through to what to expect when your job hunting and when you finally land your job. Download our resources to get started on your work ready journey, use them all or pick and choose which ones you are interested in:

  1. Getting to Work Checklist
  2. Your Skills
  3. Your Support Crew
  4. The Job Hunting Process
  5. Preparing a CV and Cover Letter
  6. Personal Brand and Online Presence
  7. Finding Referees
  8. Develop Your English Language Skills
  9. Slang, Jargon and Communicating in the New Zealand Workplace
  10. How Work Experience Can Help You Get a Job
  11. The Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand

Tip: Start with the Getting to Work Checklist, as this will let you know when to use the others.

All our tertiary institutions have been involved in the development of these tools and can provide you with support on how best to use them. If you want help navigating the resources, get in touch with your providers career advisor.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of our success stories showcasing students who have gone on to find employment after studying in Palmerston North city and Manawatū.

Working while you study

Working part-time while you study is a great way to grow your networks, learn new skills and gain international work experience. Below are a few key events and platforms that will help you get started in your search:

And remember to utilise the career support service at your tertiary provider as well – they are always happy to help.