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Palmerston North Folk Music Club

Aug 2 2019 - Nov 1 2019

Theosophical Society Hall, Palmerston North

Cost: Public: $5.00Club members: $3.00School-age children and 'First-timers': $0.00


Bring along your instrument(s) and/or voice and come join in a fun, friendly musical scene for all ages. This is for anyone who is interested in playing, singing, or listening to folk music.

The Palmerston North Folk Music club meets every Friday night (except for public holidays) at 8pm, with a complimentary supper around 9pm.

We have concert nights (up to 4-5 per year) and the rest of the nights we have a theme night which is a sing-around format.

On concert nights guest artists, national or international, perform for us.

On non-concert nights there is a theme (see the programme on our website at: www.pnfolkclub.weebly.com) and everyone who comes along has the chance to perform (or request) a piece of music related to the theme, whether as a solo, as a small group, or with everyone.

If you don’t feel like performing yourself, then you are welcome to come along, sit back, and enjoy the music! Sometime after supper there’s the opportunity for a general jam session.

The usual door charge is: $3 for club members; $5 for non-club members; free for school-age children and “First-timers”.

On concert nights with guest performers the door charge is higher and is found in our programme on our website.

We have no eftpos facilities so door charges are cash only.

Physical Address

304 Church St, Palmerston North

Contact us

Palmerston North Folk Music Club: http://www.pnfolkclub.weebly.com


Public: $5.00Club members: $3.00School-age children and ‘First-timers’: $0.00

Other Important Info

All Ages
Category: Folk

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