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Nga Tawa Diocesan School

A centre for personal excellence within a caring Christian community.


Principal’s Message:

It is an honour and a privilege to lead this prestigious school.

This was written in 1991 and it is still so true now. Nga Tawa’s rich heritage and character offers a sturdy foundation for the holistic and innovative education that the young women of the future will need. Girls’ education has taken on a more important aspect since the ‘Girls Can Do Anything’ publicity of the 1980s. Girls know that they can do anything and therefore it is even more important in today’s society to ensure that girls are making life and career decisions from a solid values base. Nga Tawa offers the opportunity to fully grow during those tumultuous adolescent years in a wrap-around environment which enables academic achievement, co-curricular opportunities, spiritual development and personal growth for the young women who will lead this country in the future. If we educate them well – we educate society well.

Being a true boarding school, life at Nga Tawa is a life well lived. The skills with which students leave this phase of their life will set them up for the rest of their lives. Being a part of this type of life experience is enriching for all of our students, including our local day girls.

Living in a community as special as this, it is important to understand the heritage and history of a school such as Nga Tawa. The challenge is to weave the needs of the 21st Century learner and the expectations of our modern families through this rich and solid foundation. This we do well, resulting in a viable and exciting way of life for our young women.

While Nga Tawa has always enjoyed high levels of achievement both in and out of the classroom, it is also a school for the future. We know that we need to prepare these young women for their future, not our past! With an innovative approach to curriculum delivery, technology which results in fully connected learners and a committed staff, we are able to provide our students with the very best foundation for success at school and beyond.

Carmel Spencer

Physical Address

154 Calico Line


Contact us

+64 6 327 6429


Facilities / Features

Boarding: Yes

Gender: Female

School Roll: 220

Years: 9-13

Zoning: No


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