Living life on lockdown has created a whole new world, of ups and downs and everything in between. Our city’s diverse, vibrant and connected creative scene has turned things up a notch by getting crafty, digital and downright evolutionary to keep our painters painting, muso’s playing and curators curating all throughout the different Alert Levels. From how-to videos, to DIY art challenges, check out what’s been happening in this colourful city of ours and beyond.

For a bit of creative fun, Te Manawa are posting public domain work by iconic painters from their collection alongside recreations of these masterpieces by their own staff! The team at Te Manawa have encouraged our residents to join in, and the results speak for themselves! From Rembrant Peale, to John Bramblitt, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, you’ll laugh out loud, and be completely ‘wowed’ at these clever recreations of the world’s greatest art works.

Daily live videos of simple at-home arts and crafts, great for kids or big-kids of any age. Rachel saw a need with COVID-19 and decided to put her creative skills to use by sharing fun, crafty how-to tutorials and activities using easily accessible mediums and items you’ll likely have around the house.

Not ones to be put off by the cancellation of their annual festival, the creative folk behind Kimbolton Sculpture Festival are taking their art exhibition of local artist online!

Don’t forget, you can still walk the streets so get some fresh air and take in the latest street art in the city centre. There are no crowds to compete with, so take your time and soak up some creative masterpieces, and don’t forget to share your ‘grams with #ThisIsManawatu.

Swiftmantis, Street Prints

Feel like your lockdown is missing something? NOA Open Studio has just the thing for you. Learn to draw with the mindfull drawing sessions, streamed free on Facebook for all to enjoy.

The goal is to complete one painting a day while we’re locked down…  the raw materials are there. Has Paul got the gumption? We can’t look away!


What happens when you pair 10 playwrights with 10 actors and challenge them to write, perform and film 10 original monologues in 24 hours? Head to Centrepoint’s website to find out and book your private screening to be enjoyed at your leisure! We recommend popcorn for this one, or a nice merlot. This initiative was so successful, that high school drama classes from all around the country are now using the project (and the additional schools resources we created) as a launchpad for their own monologue projects, after previously scheduled assessments, group work and productions were all cancelled due to COVID-19.


That’s right, here in Manawatu we’ve got our very own student radio station, who play all the best local and NZ music, are still on air.  Listen to them here.

Keeping the rhythm alive, Jennifer Moss has everything from family music sessions, African drum lessons, Ukelele learning and more – all digital, and delivered right to your living room (or wherever you like to tune it on your device). There’s even contactless instrument hire within Palmerston North, so you can get to making music ASAP.

Jennifer Moss Music

Jennifer Moss Music

Find out more about how Centrepoint Theatre is getting art made, artists paid and entertainment slayed.