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Koalafication Palmy 2019 - Speedcubing Competition

May 25 2019 - May 26 2019

Community Leisure Centre, Palmerston North


SNZ Southern 2019 is an official World Cube Association (WCA) sanctioned speedcubing competition.

Speedcubing is the sport involving solving a range of twisty puzzles, such as the famous Rubik’s Cube, as quickly as possible.

The main purpose of this competition is for competitors to “koalafy” (qualify) for this years World Championship being held in Melbourne, Australia.

Spectating is free, registration fees apply to compete.

Physical Address

569 Fergusson St, Palmerston North

Contact us

Koalafication Palmy 2019 Website: http://www.speedcubing.nz/event/koalafication-palmy-2019Palmerston North Community Leisure Centre: http://sites.ourregion.co.nz/pncommunityleisurecentre/home.html

Other Important Info

All Ages
Category: Games, Carnivals

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