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18 Years of Turbostill + SkitzHydro, Column of Sand...

Mar 23 2019

Snails: Artist Run Space, Palmerston North

Cost: General Admission: $10.00


Turbostill have been playing swamp rock n’ roll since Kristov, Murray and Markham formed the band late in 2000. Performing our first show at Kristov’s 21st near Halcombe in February 2001.

Having since played Gigs everywhere from Makahu to Melbourne, Lyttleton to Waikoau, Auckland, Wellington, Napier, New Plymouth and every other week in Palmy. Here’s to 18 Years of Rock n’ roll. We’ll be playing with some cool bands at Snails: Artist run spaces on Saturday 23rd March

Skitz Hydro, Column of Sand and Churlington are all playing.

Doors 8pm, Bands 8.30pm.

Physical Address

101 Taonui Street, Palmerston North


General Admission: $10.00

Other Important Info

All Ages
Category: Rock

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