Palmerston North City & Manawatu

Maps & Suburbs

Viewing our maps is a handy way to get an overall picture of where our cities features and suburbs lie. You can also discover what suburbs and zonings (if any) individual Palmerston North City schools are located in.


Transport-MapRegional Map

Discover Palmerston North City & Manawatu, a region full of friendly locals, places to explore and things to see and do on your holiday. Click to enlarged map…




Palmerston NorthPalmerston North City Map

Find your way around Palmerston North City with this helpful map showing key streets and locations throughout the City. Click to enlarged map…



Palmerston North Suburbs

Palmerston North City Suburbs & Schools Map 

This interactive map will help you navigate your way around Palmerston North City suburbs and the schools located within them.




palmerston-north-transport map

Public Transport in Palmerston North 

Find your way around Palmerston North on public transport and find your closest bus route.



Regional Map 2014-01

Manawatu Overview Map

View a regional overview of Manawatu which highlights the main towns and highways. Click to enlarged map…