Palmerston North City & Manawatu

Working Here

Palmerston North City and Manawatu offers a beautiful environment where it is easy to manage a work-life balance, thanks to our short commutes, excellent city facilities and welcoming family-orientated community.

All schools within Palmerston North City and Feilding are also only a short distance from the CBD, meaning that managing to see sports games or pick up the kids after school is a breeze. We also have excellent public transport linking the CBD to all suburbs of the City and nearby towns.

There are a number of major employment sectors within our region, meaning that there is a wide range of employment opportunities for your family.  There are also many networking organisations operating here that can connect you to opportunities and assist with career development, such as 3 Keys for young professionals, or business development organisations.

Finding Work

There is a wide range of industry sectors operating within Palmerston North City and Manawatu, and with it a variety of employment roles and opportunities.


Employment Agencies:

If you are looking for work we would recommend you contact one of the following employment agencies, which can assist you in your search and help prepare you for employment:

Online job advertisements:

Job board:

Find job vacancies from key specialised industries in Manawatu.