Palmerston North City & Manawatu

Living in Palmerston North City

As a growing hub for the lower North Island, Palmerston North City offers the sophistication and diversity of a major city with all the freedom and space of a provincial centre.

In this affordable city with its ‘easy living’ life-style, beautiful homes are available at a fraction of the cost of other New Zealand cities. For most, the morning commute is less than 10 minutes by car.

Palmerston North City is known nationally as a centre for learning and knowledge, with excellent tertiary, secondary and primary education. For children starting school or adults wanting to further their study, first-rate educational opportunities are available.

The community of this region is a diverse but close-knit one, where newcomers are warmly welcomed. The range of cultures here brings a dynamic, international perspective to everyday life.

A year-round calendar of events keeps the City alive and humming, from motorsport mayhem, to urban festivals of creativity and music that bring the streets alive with their colour and sounds.


Maps and Suburbs of Palmerston North City

Viewing our maps is a handy way to get an overall picture of where our cities features and suburbs lie. You can also discover what suburbs and zonings (if any) individual Palmerston North City schools are located in.

Palmerston North CityPalmerston North City Map

Here you will find the key streets, parks, and facilities in Palmerston North City all on one handy map.





Palmerston North SuburbsPalmerston North City Suburbs & Schools Map

This map will help you navigate your way around Palmerston North City suburbs and the schools located within them.




Palmerston North Bus Routes Public Transport in Palmerston North

Find your way around Palmerston North on public transport and find your closest bus route.