Palmerston North City & Manawatu

Creative Community

Palmerston North City and Manawatu are home to a vibrant arts community, filled with musicians, actors, writers, dancers, playwrights, poets, comedians, artists, filmmakers and more. There are a number of art galleries, theatres, dance studios, recording studios, exhibitions, and artistic programmes, as well as a strong local music scene and multiple artistic events that are held throughout the year.

A variety of community groups and organisations encourage the development of local talent and performance opportunities, meaning that it is easy get involved in or watch.


Explore the performing arts world in Palmerston North City & Feilding. The vast range of theatres within the community showcases the region’s outstanding talent and culture on offer.  The cherished community theatres cater for a variety of local and touring acts. 


Connect with musical groups and discover local talent. The opportunities for local acts are endless with venues to prove it. The non-profit voluntary organisations dedicated to the encouragement of musical, artistic and performance activities are second to none.

Design and Photography

Join our creative groups and programmes in Manawatu. Iconic events and talent community groups attract attention from all over the district, with everything from wearable arts to photography. 


Discover the wide range of local arts. Described as the cultural heart of the city, the community’s diverse galleries and museums recognise the uniqueness of areas and reflect on the growing region and its people.

Community Art Schemes and Trusts

Support for community based arts events and programmes. The facilitating and supporting of the arts in our region gives all ages the chance to achieve excellence.